VOIP Communication Becomes Easier With VOIP

Do you want to utilize your Internet network more efficiently at no extra cost? Think VOIP! The Internet has proved to be a boon in many ways since its emergence and Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) can be counted among the advantages it offers. It involves using a single network for voice and data. VOIP is also known as Internet telephony, Voice over Broadband, and Broadband telephony.

It is a system that involves routing conversations over the Internet. Any other IP-based network may also be used for the purpose. The benefits and the drawbacks of VOIP are as follows: Advantages - You can receive calls on your VOIP phone even when you are on a trip.

Just carry the phone; whenever you connect to the Internet you can receive calls - VOIP to VOIP calls under most packages are free; VOIP to PSTN calls are, however, charged on the VOIP user - Calls are treated as local calls. For example, if a call centre agent based in India calls a customer in New York, the call will be local. - Some service providers offer free phone numbers that can be used with VOIP - Value added services like caller ID, call forwarding, and automatic redial are included in many VOIP packages - VOIP can integrate with audio and video conferencing as well as enable data transfer in parallel with the conversation - Pre-paid cards can be availed Shortcomings - It is difficult to send faxes - VOIP is entirely dependent on the quality and the reliability of the Internet connection; poor Internet connections can lead to low call quality and echoing - On VOIP phones, you cannot make calls during a power cut, but you can receive calls - It is difficult to identify the geographical location of the users and, therefore, to route emergency calls to the appropriate local call center - It is possible to eavesdrop on VOIP conversations because most services providers do not offer encryption - Caller ID information can be modified or spoofed and this can make it difficult to trace the caller VOIP shortcomings are not insurmountable, for example, you can buy VOIP phones with a battery backup to ensure connectivity even during power outage. Similarly, business-grade VOIP services do not always rely on the Internet.

They offer T1 connections, so you don't need to worry about Internet speed and reliability. VOIP phones are increasingly being used by migrant workers and travelers who do not have a fixed phone and do not want to use their mobile because of high roaming charges. However, it is also true that mobile phones are gaining increasing popularity among people in general, and many people use only mobiles and have no landline connection.

A fast and stable Internet connect is the primary prerequisite in this case.

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