FancyBytes Software Fish Screensaver Series

FancyBytes Software was founded in 2005 and specializes in the production of the highest quality dual monitor 3D screensavers. To date, the company's products have received a number of awards and gained popularity among individual users worldwide. The most popular products from FancyBytes Software are their fish screensaver series. Below are brief descriptions of the fish screensavers.

They're all excellent, so don't hesitate to download the free trials and choose your favorite one. 3D Aquatic Life Screensaver: Fish! Decorate your desktop with an amazing new 3D fish screensaver. See 38 extremely realistic fish, 8 unique peaceful underwater scenes, dozens [or "a multitude" if there aren't more than 24. Same idea below.

] of corals, sea plants, underwater objects and other creatures! This screensaver is specially designed to plunge you into the serenity of the aquatic world. You can become a virtual diver swimming through the water and exploring underwater life from an underwater perspective. There are thousands of square feet of picturesque landscapes for exploration, relaxing undersea light, and calming music. It's a wonderful diversion after a busy day.

Beautify your desktop and vary your day by diving into the warm depths of the tropical sea! Dolphin Aqua Life 3D Screensaver The fish screensaver with dolphin is the most popular screensaver in this series. You travel to the sea bottom with the most intelligent inhabitant of the sea ? the dolphin. You can see the amazing play of light on its skin and how light creates interesting patterns on the sea floor, which is covered with age-old rocks and shells. This dignified creature and a variety of small fishes leisurely swim back and forth as you admire the aquatic scenery and take a rejuvenating rest. Shark Water World Screensaver It's not your ordinary fish screensaver! It's a little adventure on your desktop. Here you may find the remnants of ships that once belonged to unlucky Caribbean pirates who now lie in Davy Jones' Locker.

Their chests containing countless riches peacefully lie on the sea floor, but watch out for the sharks! These hunters guard the treasures from anyone who would dare steal their gold. Feel the spirit of great adventure as you take in the seascape with the pirate ship, treasure chests, and the mighty sharks. One glance at this beautiful place will excite you in no time.

Find more about this series on our fish screensaver page or view all our 3d Screensavers


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