There Is A Story In Every Digital Picture Frame

Are you running out of space to display your favourite photographic memories? Fidelity Electronics has introduced state-of-the-art technology that allows you to view your personal photos on a high-resolution digital picture frame. This new technology allows photos that are being hidden away to re-appear again giving them the pride and place they so rightly deserve for all to see and admire. Each ingenious product has all the high technology, modern design and requisite features one requires for displaying precious and memorable moments. Over the last year, Fidelity Electronics of Canada has been intensely involved in developing the digital photo and picture frame market. Fidelity recently launched their newest Digital Picture Frame, the DPF-1500 Pro with 1GB of internal memory, and an impressive 15" high-resolution color LCD screen. Fidelity now carries 9 models of different digital picture frames each with different capabilities and styles.

Useful features include, rotation, zoom, auto start and auto format. Many of the frames are also multimedia and play MPEG video and MP3 music on built in stereo speakers. Digital picture framing will offer a new visual experience to people of all walks of life, from the high-tech pro for a traditional sales presentation to the grandmother that wants to display family photos on the mantel or hanging on the wall.

All frames have the capability of being viewed directly from all popular digital memory cards - without the need for a computer, camera or Internet connection and most include internal memory So you can sit back, relax and enjoy showcasing your photos. Imagine the conversations it will create as you, your friends and family admire your digital images! For something different, music can also be added making it the perfect presentation tool. The love of photos really has no boundaries, all your vacation shots, party photos, baby snaps and other personal photos can come to life in just one picture frame, giving you a stylish touch to an instant photo gallery! It's another marvellous breakthrough in the field of digital photograph framing. If you are looking to achieve a modern display of high resolution digital photo frames that offers crisper graphics, then bid farewell to the old photo lab and other obsolete contraptions and enjoy your photo memories with the new look of today. With auto start and auto format functions all Fidelity Electronics products are effortlessly stylish while remaining perfectly functional in the same breath, making anyone of their range of digital picture frames the perfect presentation tool.

For more information and products or to get in touch with Fidelity Electronics please contact: Eviner@fidelityelectronics.com or visit: http://www.fidelityelectronics.com


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