How To Start A Website

So you have an idea for a website and you have no clue how to make a website and no clue how you even put your idea up on the World Wide Web. That's alright. Many people have that same problem. The sad thing is they don't pursue that idea to learning how to go through the process. That is why this article will help the beginner become informed and will get their dream of a website of the ground floor.

First, think of your idea and try to come up with a domain name that fits the theme of your website. A domain name is pretty much http://www.######.com, .org, or.

net. Being that there are millions of websites, your domain choice may already be in use by someone who thought of that idea first. So take time and think of a few to ensure that you get one of the choices you made up. After you got all the domain names chosen, search around to see if some of your domain name ideas are original so you can move on the next step. Now that you have your original domain name idea, you have to claim it as your own. This process is called "Domain Name Registration.

" This basically makes your domain name exclusively yours so that no one comes in and makes the same name as you. Ok, so you got your site name and you have it registered so it will not be stolen from you. Now you have to get some space that you can put your website on. This is called "Web Hosting.

" Web hosting is basically a server that holds all the information to your website. Some Web hosts will try to rip off the newcomers to website makers and try to rip you off. When looking for web hosting, the best thing is to look for the best space for the price. Some web hosting sites are free and have lots of space. Why spend a lot of money on space when you don't have to spend much at all? Three of the four major adjectives are complete. Now comes time to actually create the website.

There are many different ways to create a website if you have no experience in doing so. You can take lessons and learn online how to use the language of HTML, or you can simply use templates that are already created for you and basically just fill in the blanks. There are many different programs you can use to create a website, it really depends on what kind of site you would like to make. Now that you have got the basics of how to create a website, it is time to put your new knowledge to use.

Always remember to keep up to date on the new things that always keep appearing online that can help better your website.

This article was written for our friends at 9999 Megabyte to assist in creating a website. Article written and distributed by Steve Cancel, IT Manager of Secure Link.


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