Can A Mouse Pad Offer Zen

Call me crazy, but anyone who has studied eastern thought, understands there is a "zen" to everything. What affects us we affect and vice versa. Everything as an energy. An example might be, if we spend a great deal of time in our vehicle, we are going to shop carefully for a reliable, safe, and hopefully attractive vehicle. We may use it for business or pleasure or whatever, but if we use it a lot, we want it to be reliable. So we go out and pay, sometimes thousands more for one that is.

We want our bodies, minds, and souls to be comfortable and exude the persona of whom we are. We buy the right car to do it. What if we spent a great deal of time at our computers? Well of course we buy a nicer computer, and often with a good many bells and whistles to make it work hard and fast for us. We have a lot to do on this computer and often spend a bulk of our day on it.

So our dirty bent ouse pad in front of our thousand or even five thousand dollar computer sits there, trying its best to do its job. Why? Because we have not paid attention to our "mouse pad zen"! If you didn't think I had a few screws loose before, certainly now you do. And I don't blame you.

But still, you deserve a better mouse pad if you are sitting at the computer more than an hour or two a day. If you picked up a five dollar mouse pad or are still using the one that came with the computer (not much better if any better), you are not listening to what your body and reflexes want. It wants the computer do to the work, not your arms and muscles and whatever else happens "when mouse pads go bad", and they do, often, if they are cheap. Mouse pads need not be so plain. Why not have one that represents you? They can be quite decorative and humorous, and even a centerpiece of conversation among clients.

If you are a doctor, find a medical-oriented one. There are plenty of them out there that are funny and medical-themed. The same is true for doctors, computer persons, veterinarians, psychologists, plumbers and salespersons. There is something out there for everyone. For only a few shekels more, and well worth the price for several reasons.

One is obeying their mouse pad zen, the mouse slides ever so easily over it, it is funny and keeps us in a good mood and positive while working, and we don't have to replace it all constantly. I keep several for myself. I loved the company so much, I bought it.

My store appeals to those who want to get in touch with their mouse pad zen. And really, who doesn't?.

Cartoonist/entrepreneur Rick London believes everything has its own zen, including mouse pads. He found that to be so important, he began manufacturing his own, and has his own e-store Just Funny Mousepads. To see the funniest mouse pads on the Internet click here


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