Are You Using The PSP Web Browser Capabilities

You will probably be using your Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) to play all your beloved video games until you are blue in face or bleary in the eyes. It may be used as another avenue to see your favourite music videos. You may even be savvy enough to use it to watch that must see television series that you have recorded to watch during your busy schedule. However, after learning all that, have you also mastered the ability to surf the internet on your Playstation Portable? Did not think so, here is why you should start. The PSP browser capabilities are not going to be nowhere near as powerful and simple to use as the browsers on your home PC, such as Explorer and Firefox. It will however have no problem in putting your cell phone browser to absolute shame.

The browser is truly intended to be a full feature application, meaning that is should show most web pages as they are intended to be seen on your PC, but depending on the coding of the website some may not translate as well and you may need to tinker with these sites. For anyone that has wireless internet accessibility in their house, will most likely be using a wireless standard of 802.11b or 802.11g, the Sony Playstation Portable utilises the 802.11b to gain access. The console is already preconfigured for this type of use, so all you need to do is enter the network connections of your wireless router.

Now you will need to understand the other issues that will get your PSP online. You may be wondering how you actually use this tiny browser inside the handheld console. Not everyone will understand the finer points, so a little tutorial in understanding the internet browser capabilities may be useful. Grab your little piece of electronic heaven in your hands and follow along to learn how to get more from your console.

When your first turn on your Playstation Portable you should see a Network logo, in addition to the usual Game, Video, and Music and Photo options. After clicking on the Network option, the PSP automatically boots into the web browser. The way to enter a website address into the browser is rather similar to using the keypad on you cellular phone. For instance, the number 3 on your phone corresponds to the letters DEF while one button on the consoles grid will have DEF3.

Continue to click until you move down the line of letters and reach the one that your want to use. The Main buttons to use for navigating a web page are the D-pad and the Square button. The D-pad is used to hover over the page until you find the link your after and the Square button to scroll up and down the page. The console is actually user friendly in that it is not quick to scroll too far since that is a difficult thing to manage at times.

With an option to open up to three separate browser windows at any one time, which can be controlled using the tabs at the top of your browser that allows you to toggle back and forth, enhancing the ease of use of the browser itself. This allow for an easy use of the browser to open different topics at once. The amazing benefits that the browser and its WiFi capability adds to the Playstation Portable are for those that are looking for an all-in-one entertainment centre for road trips. With the excellent video gaming and viewing capabilities you can entertain yourself for only so long, but with the addition of the internet to log on to in a WiFi friendly hotel, your PSP will offer a totally different entertainment experience. There are obviously small tricks of the trade that you can learn to make this process a lot quicker and more efficient, but these few tips will help you on your way to mastering your web browser.

Take advantage of every use that your PSP offers and use it to the fullest.

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